• Leaders in developing plant-based flexible foam technologies

  • Tailored solutions for the soft furnishing, bedding, and automotive industries

  • Patented green chemistry that outperforms the toughest global emissions standards

  • Formulas that replace up to 100% petrochems with certified renewable materials

  • Fast route to sustainability in a growing bio-based economy

Our technology lets you replace up to 82% of the petrochemicals in standard foam with sustainable oils such as certified soy and palm.

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Our patented green chemistry has produced the first bio-based foams accepted into the USDA's BioPreferred® purchasing program.

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Press Releases

First USDA BioPreferred® Certification of PU foam

NFTech’s 53% bio-based foam first to be accepted into the US Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred® green labelling and government purchasing program.

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Biobased Foams: Sustainability and System Boundaries

Natural Foams’ Director Jeff Rowlands spoke at the 50th anniversary conference of Europur in June talking about the opportunities and challenges of manufacturing foams from natural oil polyols. Read his presentation.

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Industry gears up for Foam Expo Europe Trade Conference

The industry assembles in Hanover, Germany, October 16-18 to look at where market and consumer demands are shifting. Direction of travel strongly towards biofoam solutions.

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“Our patented technology gives companies a fast route to introducing high volumes of stable, non-emissive bio-based foams into any number of product streams — in automotive, aviation, and soft furnishing.” Jeff Rowlands, Director
USDA Certified
Sustainable Furnishings Council