Industry gears up for Foam Expo Europe Trade Conference

The industry assembles in Hanover, Germany, October 16-18 to look at where market and consumer demands are shifting. Direction of travel strongly towards biofoam solutions.

VIDEO: Want to see how PU foam is made?

Vitafoam takes you through the entire process at their Middleton plant outside Manchester — from the pouring that triggers an exothermic reaction to explaining how foams are graded, tested and meet various regulatory standards.

Natural Foams’ novel PU bio-based formulas granted European patent

The European Patent No. 2404890 relates to the company’s novel process for producing polyurethane foams with a very high natural bio content.

Clariant’s Exolit OP receives excellent GreenScreen® rating

The specialty chemicals company, and Natural Foams’ FR partner, received a benchmark 3 assessment for a key ingredient in its Exolit OP phosphinate flame retardant product range.

Biobased Foams: Sustainability and System Boundaries

Natural Foams’ Director Jeff Rowlands spoke at the 50th anniversary conference of Europur in June talking about the opportunities and challenges of manufacturing foams from natural oil polyols. Read his presentation.

Sustainability High On UTECH Conference Agenda

NFTech invited to discuss latest PU sustainability solutions at this week’s UTECH North America Conference (April 6-7).

Market Opportunities for Soy Polyols Presented at PU Eurasia Conference

Omni Tech presented the benefits of soy polyols application at a PU industry event in Istanbul this month. Read the presentation featuring NFTech work.

LEE Industries Given Highest Marks for Environmental Commitment

Only upholstery company among 400 members to achieve the Sustainable Furnishings Council’s Gold Exemplary Recognition Award.

Natural Foams Joins Group Advancing Sustainable Furnishing Practices

The Sustainable Furnishings Council connects and supports sustainability efforts across the residential furniture sector.

Natural Foams’ Green Chemistry Showcased at Polymeric Materials Conference

Clariant presented recent advances by Natural Foams Technology using oligomeric phosphonate to add fire protection to its high bio-content flexible foam.

Clariant and Natural Foams’ unique PU chemistry highlighted at “Advances in Flame Retardancy” Conference

Clariant presents NFTech’s advances using oligomeric phosphonate to add fire protection to high bio-content foams.

California Introduces Emissions Test for Furniture Sold in State

UTECH International reports reactive flame retardants in furniture sold in California may not require labelling if they present at below 1,000 parts per million (ppm) in finished product.

UTECH Europe 2015: Conference Chairmen Named

NFTech Director Jeff Rowlands announced as co-chair for upcoming global polyurethanes gathering at UTECH Europe in April.

Making Green Affordable with Palm Oil Based NOPS

Learn more about the processing, performance and sourcing of palm-oil-based NOPs in this presentation by NFTech’s Malaysian supply partner Polygreen.

NFTech Patent Application – US201403363472

US patent application addressing method to reduce odors in lipid based polyols.

Where to Find NFTech Foam Products

Our foam formulas are used by industry leaders wanting the latest technology to manufacture environmentally friendly products.

Flame Retardant Use in Polymers

Excerpts and links to the latest research on additive and reactive flame retardant use in polymers.

Natural Foams to Produce Safer, More Environmentally Acceptable Flexible PU Foams

This paper published in PU Magazine and presented at UTECH outlines NFTech’s route to producing price-competitive bio-based foams.

First USDA BioPreferred® Certification of PU foam

NFTech’s 53% bio-based foam first to be accepted into the US Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred® green labelling and government purchasing program.

Natural Foams Technology Granted US Patent for Bio-renewable Foam

NFTech’s recognition for developing more sustainable foam caps 5-year research effort.

EPA Identifies Safer Substitutes for Toxic Flame Retardants

EPA Identifies Safer Substitutes for Toxic Flame Retardants/Identified chemicals are persistent, accumulate in the environment and have reproductive, developmental, and neurological toxicity

Technology Behind First USDA BioPreferred® Flexible Foams

Technical paper on the characteristics and performance of NFTech’s bio-renewable future-proof foams.

Green Urethanes Rebrands as Natural Foams Technology

The name change reflects the company’s commitment to working exclusively with natural oil polyol foams across a host of industries.

A Renewable Non-emissive Cal TB 117 Foam

Green Urethanes’ bio-based foams pass California’s globally recognised open flame test and continue to offer consumers protection from fire.

Chinese edition – NFTech’s Technical Paper on Future-Proof Biobased Foams

This paper discusses the technical aspects of replacing synthetic polyols, made from crude oil sources, with plant-based polyols, made from palm, soy, rape and sunflower oils.

Green Urethanes’ Green Chemistry Allows Safe Use of FRs to Meet Cal TB117

Green Urethanes develops new formulas to lock flame retardant into fully cured flexible foams.

Expanding the Use of Natural Oil Polyols in Urethane Foam Formulations

This presentation looks at the challenges and benefits of substituting plant-derived oils into the flexible foam market.

Mexican Patent Application

Spanish language version of International Patent # WO 2010 100421

Green Polyol Patent and Development

Our trial work using a range of natural oil polyols (NOPS), including those derived from soy, palm, rape and castor oils.

Welcome Dr. Paul Newton

Green Urethanes welcomes Dr. Paul Newton as a director and new board member.

United States Patent Application Publication

International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2010/000381.
Published on September 9, 2010.