Clariant’s Exolit OP receives excellent GreenScreen® rating

The specialty chemicals company, and Natural Foams' FR partner, received a benchmark 3 assessment for Aluminum Diethylphosphinate, the key ingredient in the Exolit OP phosphinate flame retardant product range.

The benchmark 3 result, “use but still opportunity for improvements,” takes into account that the highest benchmark 4 “prefer – safer chemical” is so far only achieved by substances like Dihydrogen Oxide (water).

The hazard report, available to view and download below, shows low levels of concern for most endpoints and some non-critical data gaps.

Only for persistence in the environment a very High score is assigned, which is linked to the chemical stability of DEPAL, which in turn is required for the application in engineering plastics with their high processing temperatures of up to and above 300 °C. With this benchmark 3 Exolit OP stands out as more preferable in terms of hazard profile than competing products like red phosphorus and legacy brominated flame retardants (source: GreenScreen Store and IC2-Database). rating, with the hazard table showing low levels of concern for most endpoints.

Ammonium polyphosphate, the basic ingredient in Clariant’s Exolit AP product range, is also assigned a GreenScreen Benchmark of 3 (full assessment). Both products also achieve Clariant’s proprietory Ecotain® Label, see for example Exolit OP 1230 and Exolit AP 422 (the EcoTain menu item). For more information about GreenScreen and its benchmarks:

  1. Avoid – chemical of high concern
  2. Use but search for safer substitutes
  3. Use but still opportunity for improvement
  4. Prefer – safer chemical