Where to Find NFTech Foam Products

Our foam formulas are used by industry leaders wanting the latest technology available to manufacture environmentally friendly products.

We supply the foam technology for LEE Industries, a leader in eco-friendly furniture manufacturing. The US company offers soy-based renewable seat cushions currently made with 30% soybean oil and sold under the BioLuxMax label.

LEE's soy-based cushioning provides better comfort, consistency and durability than conventional seating packages. By using very low VOC finishes and certified sustainable wood, the company can track materials and offer customers a better quality of life in their home.

"We have partnered with our suppliers who are creating healthy, renewable, soy-based solutions to improve your home environment."

Does LEE's furniture contain flame retardant?

In March 2014, LEE became 100% compliant with the new TB117-2013 flammability requirements. The California regulation, widely adopted by many other US states, allows LEE to ship flame retardant free cushions, foam, fabric and decking products throughout the country.

All the company's foam products are rigorously tested by CertiPUR-US, which assures customers that products have met specific criteria for physical performance, indoor emissions, environmental stewardship and pose no health risk.

Visit certipur.us for more information.

For every million pounds of petroleum-based polyols replaced with soy-based polyols, nearly 2,200 barrels of crude oil is saved.