Market Opportunities for Soy Polyols Presented at PU Eurasia Conference

Omni Tech International's Angela Austin presented the market opportunities soy polyols bring to the industry at the PU Eurasia conference in Turkey this month.

She addresses concerns that the industrial use of soy bean oil directly competes with feedstock, presenting data on soy bean oil production as a readily available byproduct of the growing demand for soybean meal protein.

We've posted the presentation below, which covers a lot of ground on the sustainability potential, performance costs, and unique differentiating properties bio-based soy foams offer the market; also where growth lies for soft furnishing, bedding, construction, and automotive applications.

Global PU Production by Foam Production Type

Biobased products from soybeans help displace petroleum in a variety of household and industrial products. This video explains some of the applications and byproducts of US-grown soy production.