Natural Foams’ novel PU bio-based formulas granted European patent

Natural Foams Technology (NFTech) today announced the issuance of European Patent No. 2404890, relating to the company’s novel process for producing polyurethane foams with a very high natural bio content.

The patent was submitted in 2010 and finalized this summer after the 9-month opposition period.

This latest grant, under Natural Foams’ parent company, Green Urethanes Ltd, completes a series of major patent approvals for the company’s novel green chemistry in the PU industry, including the territories of Japan, the United States, Mexico, and Russia. The European issuance extends coverage to markets in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

NFTech expects the patent for India to be granted in the next business quarter.

The company’s continued investment in safeguarding its intellectual property in key global markets offers licensees unique processing and performance characteristics and the ability to reach higher bio-based content targets than any other polyurethane foam technology on the market.

"Consumers want safe products that preserve the environment, and we’re constantly addressing these factors in our technology."

The formulations also give users a way to bring new bio-based foam ranges, with improved vibration, ultra-low emissions, and flame-resistant characteristics quickly to market. The natural oil formulations also work with polyol reclaimed from recycled foam, further boosting manufacturers’ sustainability targets and cost efficiencies. These technical and materials considerations are important for any PU producer looking to build capacity in the bio-economy.

 “Consumers want safe products that preserve the environment, and we’re constantly addressing these factors in our technology,” says company Director Jeff Rowlands. “It’s good to see our novel chemistry that pushes the limits of  bio-content in home furnishings validated by European examiners, in a market that is leading the way in sustainability efforts.”