Green Urethanes’ Green Chemistry Allows Safe Use of FRs to Meet Cal TB117

Green Urethanes develops new formulas to lock in flame retardant to fully cured flexible foams.

The UK-based Green Urethanes is currently working with natural oil polyols and a range of “off the shelf” flame retardants to create a win-win situation for the flexible polyurethane foam industry.

Using up to 400% less flame retardant than is necessary for a conventional urethane foam to meet TB 117 requirements, Green Urethanes believes it has found a chemical solution to lock the flame retardant into the fully cured foam.

In addition, the chemistry only appears to work effectively with natural oil polyols, resulting in foams that contain a higher bio-content and retain the additives necessary to provide home owners with an escape time in the event of a furniture fire.

“TB 117 has been a globally understood and respected standard for the furniture industry and we should try to look for a solution that offers consumers protection from chemical exposure and fire,” explained Green Urethanes’ Director Jeff Rowlands. “We are extremely optimistic that our technology can help the chemical industry to resolve this problem.”

Green Urethanes will present its work at the Polyurethane Foam Association (PFA) Spring Meeting from 22–23 May 2013 in St. Petersburg, FL, USA.

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