Clariant and Natural Foams’ unique PU chemistry highlighted at “Advances in Flame Retardancy” Conference

At the 26th Annual Conference on Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Material held in May, Clariant Corporation presented a paper highlighting the historically low emissions of NFTech's foam formulations using Clariant's award-winning Exolit OP 560 material to add fire protection.

The Stamford, Connecticut, event drew 160 attendees globally from industry, research, and government to discuss the latest innovations in the design and manufacture of flame-retardant materials and coatings.

Sessions included “Fire Hazards of Lithium Ion Batteries” (Dr. Richard Lyon, U.S. FAA), Upholstered Furniture Fire Safety: Recent Findings and Regulations (Dr. Marcelo Hirshler, GBH International), and Reformulating Targeted Materials: How this impacts Aerospace OEMs (John Harris, The Boeing Company).

Tim Reilly of Clariant Corporation presented a paper entitled  “The use of Oligomeric Phosphonate to add Fire Protection to Sustainable Polyurethane Foam,” which demonstrated recent formulation breakthroughs developed by Natural Foams Technology.  NFTech uses Clariant’s Exolit OP 560 flame retardant in its high bio-content flexible foams to enable a high level of fire safety.

Much of the technical focus was on data supporting OP 560’s non-migrating, non-emissive performance in NFTech foam formulations. Emissions data further supported the view that a high level of fire safety in foam is possible without adverse impact on human health and the environment.

Cone Calorimeter foam sample analysis - smoke production results.

The presentation also discussed NFTech’s leading sustainability role in producing bio-renewable foams with up to 53% bio content that are also certified as part of the USDA’s BioPreferred Program.

You can find more on the attendees and a full roster of topics discussed by visiting BCC’s conference website.

Click to download the Clariant presentation below.