Expanding the Use of Natural Oil Polyols in Urethane Foam Formulations

Overcoming the processing and quality issues of creating high bio-based content foams.

The desire to substitute crude oil-based synthetic polyols with Natural Oil Polyols (NOPs) made from animal and vegetable sources is often frustrated by insurmountable processing or foam-quality issues.

This paper covers recent advances that enable up to 100 percent of the synthetic polyol in urethane formulations to be replaced by Natural Oil Polyols of various kinds.

New work to develop novel, stable and foamable polymer dispersions based on a polyol containing at least 50% of a Natural Oil Polyol is also described.

It was first presented at the SusPolyurethane 2013 conference in Amsterdam on 7-8 May. The theme of the conference, organised by Crain Communications, was “Sustainable Polyurethanes”.

Rapeseed, soy, and certified-sustainable palm oil are some of the sources compatible with NFTech formulas.

Using plant-derived oils as the main ingredient, NFTech has engineered an entirely new polyol formula that processes as a single, coherent material rather than a mixture containing two or more different polyols with vastly different reaction characteristics.

These high biorenewable polyols are also odour free and storage stable.